How To: Have Fun When Dealing with Stress


Say what? You heard us! Week 12 only means two things: end of semester is nearly on its way! And, exams and assignments cockblock that exist. Here are some fun suggestion that are proven to work and help ease the stress you might face not only during the last sem, but throughout life. #deep #meaningful

Throw some punches.
With that being said that by no means that you should resort to physical violence. Grab a pillow, a punching bag or even take up boxing at the gym - taking out all of your pent up stress is exactly what you need and physical aggression is an easy way to do it.

Take a Nap
So, while naps might not accomplish much in terms of productivity, sometimes what you need is to feel refreshed after a long hard day. When you wake up from a nap, you feel recharged and motivated to finish that assignment (you may say 'shit, why did I take that nap? - but you still won't regret it). It's important to keep it short and sweet so don't leave it to a 2 hour sleep okay?

Blow Balloons
When you're stressed, everyone will always say 'take slow breaths' but that's boring. That's why balloons are fun. If you can't be bothered heading down to a gym to release some physical aggression, a balloon will help you relieve the stress by encouraging you to breath slower and deeper. Blowing balloons also reduces your heart rate and relaxes your muscles.

Have Sex.
(Lol, I can't believe I just suggested this). Having a bit of physical intimacy is an easy and fun way to reduce stress. Whether you're with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend with benefits, kissing releases happy chemicals in the brain as well as lowering your blood pressure. It also, boosts your self esteem and burns a few calories.

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