White Chocolate and Raspberry Ricotta Jaffles


Welcome to our second installment of our easy peasy lemon squeezy lunchtime series where you should save the over-achieving at work. You know what I mean, with the emergence of #foodporn, flatlays and Masterchef, us Aussies want to eat well. Here's a quick and easy savoury dish that will not only impress your friends, but also take the stress away from you when you're trying to figure out what to eat for lunch! Introducing: White Chocolate and Raspberry Ricotta Jaffles.

What you need:
60g fresh ricotta
20g white chocolate, chopped
2 slices of white bread
2 tablespoons of frozen raspberries
and icing sugar to make it a little bit fancy

And then...
  1. Preheat a jaffle maker (or a sandwich maker if you don't have one) while you combine the ricotta and chocolate in a small bowl
  2. Spread one side of each bread with butter. Place a slice, butter-side down, in the preheated jaffle maker. Add in the ricotta mixture and spinkle your raspberries, ensuring there's an equal distribution of berries inside (to avoid the awkward silence of 'where's the berries?').
  3. Add the remaining slice of bread, butter-side up
  4. Cook until golden and DAMN, THERE YOU GO.

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  1. Sounds really good. I can already smell the melted white chocolate... :D

  2. Looks sooo delicious!!I wonder how long does it take to prepare it? I should get a jaffle maker...


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