How To: Land a Full Time Job From Your Internship


For most university degrees, it's recommended that students start applying for internships with the hopes that they'll gain more experience and skills to grow your careers. Most large organisations publicise in their application forms that these internships could eventuate into full time jobs, which for most, could mean SCORE. So, how do you get there?

Don't be afraid to be picky with your internships.
When applying, its best to research the organisation you're working for. Do your values fit in with theirs? What type of activities will you be involved in, and what will you gain? These are questions you need to ask yourself and during your interview as it's a way for you to suss out whether you'll enjoy it or not. You're worth more than just getting coffees for the boss (you shouldn't be getting coffees for them, but WITH them btw).

Act like a professional.
That doesn't necessarily mean you have to act like you know everything when you walk through the doors - that would get annoying. But rather, conduct yourself professionally. That means being honest, don't bitch about other co-workers with fellow interns/colleagues, know phone etiquette, and for the love of all that is good, don't wear flipflops. The walls have eyes.

Familiarise yourself with networking.
In order to land that full time position, it's important to make yourself known in the office. Make a name for yourself other than 'the intern'. This is done through networking. Make the effort to go to work events where you can really talk to your co-workers. Sure, it might be intimidating, but everyone was just like you at one stage.

Ask questions
Think of your intern experience as an ongoing job interview, where questions are a good thing. By asking questions, you will appear switched on, you will appear engaged and you will appear interested. Questions will also allow you to figure out if this is the right path for you as you learn more about the skills you need that will help you grow.

Set goals for yourself. 
During your internship, you'll be given tasks you're not particularly interested in. But just like life, you'll have to grab it by the horns and get it over and done with. Also, be assertive. Once you've finished your tasks, ask for more. The amount of interns who actually don't ask for more tasks to do is quite surprising, so think of this as a way to put yourself ahead of the rest.

Finally, it's important to show that you're interested in working there. After a few weeks, you'll know whether or not this is an organisation where you'd like to work, and a team you'd like to work with. Positivity and enthusiasm radiates. Own it.

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